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New location for WHI forms.  Under development.

Study Phase
F003 S v3.1Eligibility Screen (Interview)WHIForm SpanishNo
F004 S v1Hormone WashoutWHIForm SpanishNo
F010 S v7.2HRT Management and Safety InterviewWHIForm SpanishNo
F010A S v7.2HRT Management and Safety Interview (Self-Administered)WHIForm SpanishNo
F016 S v3CaD Eligibility AssessmentWHIForm SpanishNo
F017 S v5CaD Management and Safety InterviewWHIForm SpanishNo
F017A S v5CaD Management and Safety Interview (Self-Administered)WHIForm SpanishNo
F020 S v4Personal InformationWHIForm SpanishNo
F025 S Codes v1.2Reason CodesWHIForm SpanishNo
F025 S v1.1Participant Treatment Assignment - E-aloneWHIForm SpanishNo
F028 S v1Participant Treatment Assignment - CaDWHIForm SpanishNo
F030 S v3Medical HistoryWHIForm SpanishNo
F031 S v2.1Reproductive HistoryWHIForm SpanishNo
F032 S v3Family HistoryWHIForm SpanishNo
F033 S v12.1Medical History UpdateES2Form SpanishYes
F033 S v12.2Medical History UpdateES2Form SpanishNo
F033 S v13.1Medical History UpdateES2Form SpanishNo
F033 S v5.3Medical History UpdateWHIForm SpanishNo
F033 S v8.1Medical History UpdateES1Form SpanishNo
F033D S v10Medical History Update (Detail)ES1Form SpanishNo
F033D S v4Medical History Update (Detail)WHIForm SpanishNo
F034 S v2Personal HabitsWHIForm SpanishNo
F035 S v1.1Personal Habits UpdateWHIForm SpanishNo
F037 S v6Thoughts and FeelingsWHIForm SpanishNo
F038 S v6.1Daily LifeWHIForm SpanishNo
F039 S v2Cognitive AssessmentWHIForm SpanishNo
F039B S v1.1Cognitive AssessmentWHIForm SpanishNo
F040 S v1Addendum to Medical History UpdateWHIForm SpanishNo
F041 S v1.1Addendum to Personal InformationWHIForm SpanishNo
F042 S v1.2Observational Study (Baseline)WHIForm SpanishNo
F043 S v1Hormone UseWHIForm SpanishNo
F048 S v2.1OS Follow-up QuestionnaireWHIForm SpanishNo
F049 S v1Estrogen Plus Progestin SurveyWHIForm SpanishNo
F053 S v1HRT CalendarWHIForm SpanishNo
F055 S v2Estrogen-Alone SurveyWHIForm SpanishNo
F060 S v1.6FFQWHIForm SpanishNo
F061 S v2.2How to Fill Out the FFQWHIForm SpanishNo
F062 S v2.1Four Day Food RecordWHIForm SpanishNo
F069 S v2Keeping Track of What You EatWHIForm SpanishNo
F070 S V1.2Facilitator Feedback Form - ParticipantWHIForm SpanishNo
F073 S v2Personalized Evaluation of Fat IntakeWHIForm SpanishNo
F120H S v1Hospitalization SupplementES2Form SpanishYes
F134 S v8.1Addendum to Medical HistoryES1Form SpanishNo
F143 S v3.1OS Follow-up Year 3WHIForm SpanishNo
F144 S v1.1OS Follow-up Year 4WHIForm SpanishNo
F145 S v1OS Follow-up Year 5WHIForm SpanishNo
F146 S v1OS Follow-up Year 6WHIForm SpanishNo
F147 S v1.1OS Follow-up Year 7WHIForm SpanishNo
F148 S v1OS Follow-up Year 8WHIForm SpanishNo
F149 S v1Supplement to OS Follow-up QxWHIForm SpanishNo
F150 S v9Hormone Use UpdateES1Form SpanishNo
F151 S v9.2Activities of Daily LifeES2Form SpanishNo
F151 S v9Activities of Daily LifeES1Form SpanishNo
F151B S v1Activities of Daily LifeES2Form SpanishYes
F152 S v1Health Follow-up by ProxyES1Form SpanishNo
F153 S v1Medication and Supplement InventoryES1, ES2Form SpanishNo
F154 S v1Breast Health Supplement to Med. InventoryES1Form SpanishNo
F155 S v1Lifestyle QuestionnaireES2Form SpanishNo
F156 S v1Supplemental Questionnaire 2013-14ES2Form SpanishNo
F157S v1Supplemental Questionnaire 2014-15ES2Form SpanishNo
F330 S v2.1Authorization to Release Medical RecordsES2Form SpanishNo