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WHI Forms

WHI study forms from all three phases (WHI, Extension Study 1, and Extension Study 2), along with adjudication forms and form instructions, are available on this site. The most recent version of each form for each study phase is included. Forms completed by participants are also available in Spanish.

Displayed below are English-language Extension Study 2 (ES2) forms.  Additional form types are available by navigating to the following links.

Please click on the Form ID, located under the "Name" heading, to access an image of the desired form.

Extension Study 2 (English) Forms (2010-2020)

Study Phase
F009 v8.2Participation StatusES2Form English
F023 v8.2Search to Locate ParticipantES2Form English
F024 v8Retention WorksheetES1, ES2Form English
F033 v13.2Medical History UpdateES2Form English
F115 v1Extension Consent StatusES2Form English
F120 v9Initial Notification of DeathES2Form English
F120H v1Hospitalization SupplementES2Form English
F121 v10 Table 3Universal Classification of Myocardial InfarctionES2Adjudication
F121 v10.1Report of Cardiovascular OutcomeES2Adjudication
F121 v9.2Report of Cardiovascular OutcomeES2Adjudication
F123 v8.2Report of Fracture OutcomeES2Adjudication
F124 v10Report of Death (Final)ES2Form English
F125 v10Summary of Hospitalization DiagnosisES2Form English
F126 v8.2Report of VTEES2Adjudication
F130 v9Report of CancerES2Adjudication
F132 v9.1Report of StrokeES2Adjudication
F135 vAHeart Failure DiagnosisES2Adjudication
F136 vAHeart Failure AbstractionES2Adjudication
F151 v9.2Activities of Daily LifeES2Form English
F151A v1Activities of Daily LifeES2Form English
F151A v2Activities of Daily LifeES2Form English
F151B v1Activities of Daily LifeES2Form English
F152 v1 ES2Health Follow-up by ProxyES2Form English
F153 v1Medication and Supplement InventoryES1, ES2Form English
F155 v1Lifestyle QuestionnaireES2Form English
F156 v1.1Supplemental Questionnaire 2013-14ES2Form English
F157 v1Supplemental Questionnaire 2014-15ES2Form English
F158 v1Supplemental Questionnaire 2017ES2Form English
F159 v1Supplemental Questionnaire 2018 (data available fall 2019)ES2Form English
F190 v1WHI COVID-19 SurveyES2Form English
F191 v1WHI COVID-19 Survey 2ES2Form English
F301 v3WHI Long Life Study Home VisitES2Form English
F340 v4LILAC Baseline QuestionnaireES2Form English
F370 v2LILAC Annual SurveyES2Form English
F371 v1LILAC Follow-up SurveyES2Form English
F521 v2Physical Activity QuestionnaireES2Form English