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WHI Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs)

Scientific Interest Groups represent the social networking within WHI designed to optimize WHI resources by: 

  • Stimulating scientific exchange
  • Encouraging productive collaboration within specific topic areas
  • Advancing science by developing innovative scientific papers and ancillary studies
  • Providing opportunities to engage current and new scientists to WHI
  • Coordinating acitivities in an area of mutual scientific interest. 
These groups meet regularly by conference call, to accomplish these objectives. Each SIG has its own Home page, Current Meeting page, Supporting Docs Library and Minutes Library on the WHI Sharepoint site and may use and modify it to best support the needs of the SIG. For efficiency, we would like to promote the following conventions:
  • Home page: provide conference call information and group membership,
  • Current Meeting page: agenda and links to any materials located in supporting docs.
  • Supporting Docs: library of reference materials for calls or general sharing.
  • All authorized users may upload materials for discussion on the call to the Supporting Docs Library. There are additional features that be set up on the site if there is demand (e.g., blogs, tables, or surveys).
  • Each SIG has an administrator who takes responsibility for the subsequent design and maintenance of the site. Interested researchers need not be a WHI Investigator to participate. Simply go to the page for the SIG group of interest, identify the SIG administrator and ask to be added to the group.

SIG Chairs

Aging: Cognition & Functional Status
Atrial Fibrillation
Bone/Fracture & Body Composition
Cardiovascular Disease
Genetics, Proteomics & Biomarkers
Themistocles (Tim)
Genetics, Proteomics & Biomarkers
Nutrition/Energy Balance
Obesity & Diabetes
Physical & Built Environments
Physical Activity/Body Composition
Psychosocial & Behavioral Health
Race, Ethnicity, and Health Equity