​​​W66 - WHI LLS Biomarkers and GWAS for Phase 3 Participants

Investigator Names and Contact Information

Garnet Anderson, Ph.D.



The original Long Life Study (W64) eligible population (Phase I) consisted of 9,930 women who were at least 72 years old.  In May 2012, it was clear that the consent rate was much lower than anticipated, and the decision was made to add 2651 younger women (Phase II) to the pool of eligibles.  All of the women eligible for Phases I and II had samples sent for baseline biomarkers (lipids, CRP, Creatinine, Glucose, and Insulin) from either SHARe Biomarkers (W54) or EA HT Biomarkers (W58) and GWAS data from either SHARe (M5), GARNET (M13), or ‘WHIMS+’ (W63). 
In July 2012, it was determined that the Long Life Study’s consent rate would not likely exceed 65% and that the participation rate among all eligible would not likely exceed 88%.  As a result, a decision was made to add another 1500 eligible women (Phase III).  As all MRC participants who met the Phase I and II baseline biomarker/GWAS requirement were included in Phases I and II, the Phase III participants would not have this key set biomarkers/GWAS data available. 
The objective of this proposal is to obtain baseline biomarkers and GWAS data on the 1500 women in the Long Life Study’s Phase III.



The biomarkers (triglycerides, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, glucose, insulin, creatinine, and CRP) will be measured using the same laboratory (University of Minnesota Medical Center) and laboratory methods as were used for W54​ and W58​.  Following quality control checks and Laboratory Working Group review, the biomarker data for these women has been incorporated into the WHI Investigators’ Dataset.

The GWAS data will be generated from the same laboratory (The Broad Institute) and platform (Illumina Omni-Express/Exome) as were used for W63​.  The laboratory has provided called genotypes to the WHI CCC.  Following data cleaning and quality checks, the genetic data for these women will be added to dbGaP (date TBD).