​​W58 - CVD Biomarkers in Non-minority HT Participants

This page provides study documentation for the W58 Core Study. For description of the specimen results, see Specimen Results Description (open to public). Data sets of the specimen results are included in the existing WHI datasets located on the WHI Data on this site (sign in and a completed Data Distribution Agreement are required; see details on the Data site).

Investigator Names and Contact Information

Core study approved by WHI Steering Committee


In 2009 WHI approved measuring glucose, insulin, fasting lipid profile (total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and calculated LDL), CRP and creatinine in 12,000 African American and Hispanic women in the SHARe cohort (core study W54). The goal of the proposal was to measure biomarkers without which WHI is hampered in risk prediction for major cardiovascular disease.
To have a comparable sample of non-minority women, this core study will measure the same biomarkers in baseline bloods from 12,000 additional non-minority HT participants.  The sampling scheme will ensure that measurements are performed in the most informative and representative cohort.  See sample selection documentation under Study Documentation.   
As described, W58 – EA HT Biomarkers becomes part of a set of Core Studies that provide both GWAS and Biomarker data on approximately 22,000 women:  8,815 African Americans, 3,642 Hispanics, and 10,260 selected European Americans (EA) in the Hormone Trial (HT). 
Note that not all cases in M13-GARNET have corresponding biomarkers. 
Study ID
Study ID
M5 - SHARe
8,515 Black + 3,641 Hispanic
W54 - SHARe CVD Biomarkers
Same as M5-SHARe
HT with CHD, stroke, VTE, diabetes, and matching controls (excludes those in SHARe; includes 1,400 from WHIMS)
W58 - EA HT Biomarkers
All GARNET controls plus random selection of GARNET cases5 (excludes all WHIMS)
W63 - WHIMS+
WHIMS (excludes 1,400 EA HT in GARNET)
All WHIMS (includes 1,400 from GARNET and 4,661 from WHIMS+)
not GARNET, not WHIMS6
not GARNET, not WHIMS6
1 - dbGaP eligible
2 - insulin, glucose, CRP, creatinine, cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglyceride
3 - Approximate number of sample results
4 - Number of participants with GWAS is about 5,060; not all cases had CVD biomarkers done in W58.
5 - Not all participants with GWAS in M13-GARNET have biomarkers; instead the 'not GARNET, not WHIMS' participants were added. 
6 - Random selection of HT participants by age was added to provide a more balanced cross-section of HT participants


Biomarkers were tested at the Advanced Research and Diagnostic Lab at the University of Minnesota (assay methodologies)
Data available on this site Here.
See publications: WHI publications by study lists published WHI papers that have been generated by ancillary studies. A complete list of WHI papers is available in the Bibliography section of this website.