Data Dictionaries and Study Documentation

This page houses all study-related data dictionaries and study-related files.  The investigators for this study will upload the datasets, data dictionaries, and other study-related files.  Study-related files will be made available to the public one year after the completion of the ancillary study, with the exception of the datasets, which will only be available to those with a Data Distribution Agreement. 

As required for NHI funded-studies, GWAS data for completed studies is deposited into the database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP). A subset of the WHI data is available for those participants who have genetic data deposited in the dbGaP. WHI can provide only a limited amount of help with questions related to the data on dbGaP. Please refer to the dbGaP web site for detailed instructions on how to access and download data, a searchable FAQ book, plus dbGaP contact information. Additionally, the following link lists and describes the various WHI datasets currently uploaded:

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