M6 - Population Architecture Using Genomics and Epidemiology (PAGE)

This page provides study documentation for collaborative study M6.  For description of the specimen results, see Specimen Results Description (open to public). Data sets of the specimen results are included in the existing WHI datasets located on the WHI Data on this site (sign in and a completed Data Distribution Agreement are required; see details on the Data site).


Investigator Names and Contact Information

Charles Kooperberg, PhD, FHCRC [clk@fhcrc.org ]




Specific Aims

Specific Aim #1: To examine the population-based profile of putative genuine variants for a variety of complex diseases and traits, such as cardiovascular diseases (adjudicated myocardial infarction, stroke and cardiovascular death), diabetes, cancer (breast, lung, colorectal), fractures, obesity, and dementia, and to investigate differences by disease subtypes and characteristics.

Specific Aim #2: To evaluate potential modifiers of genetic variant-disease associations, including environmental and life style factors, medication use, as well as three randomized interventions (hormone replacement therapy; low-fat dietary modification; calcium and vitamin D supplementation).

Specific Aim #3: To investigate associations between genuine variants and relevant intermediate outcomes and phenotypic characteristics, such as bone density and body composition, electrocardiogram abnormalities, blood pressure, breast density, leukocyte count, or blood concentrations of lipids, inflammatory markers, insulin, glucose, and hormones. 



See the list of over 13 publications on the WHI publications by study, which lists published WHI papers that have been generated by ancillary studies. A complete list of WHI papers is available in the Bibliography section of this website.


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