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AS 75 - Adherence to dietary modification in the WHI

AS75 - Adherence to dietary modification in the WHI

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Investigator Names and Contact Information

Milagros C. Rosal, Ph.D.


Research Goals

The overall goal of the study was to increase our theoretical understanding of the factors that impact adherence to dietary interventions.  The specific study objectives included:

1) to conduct formative research to construct a broad conceptual framework to explain adherence to a low-fat diet of WHI women participating in the Dietary Modification (DM) arm (Phase I);

2) to investigate factors related to adherence to <20% fat of total calories by WHI participants in the DM Intervention framework, (Phase II); and to utilize the constructed framework.

3) to develop an intervention algorithm (based on the findings of Phases I and II) to train nutritionists in behavioral counseling interventions to enhance adherence to a low-fat diet (Phase III).



Some of the publications related to this ancillary study are 1421. For a complete, up-to-date list of WHI papers related to this ancillary study, please use the searchable Bibliography section of this website. To search for papers by study number, access the Simple Search, and enter the study number in the “Related Studies” field.