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AS476 - APOL1, sickle cell trait and chronic kidney disease in African Americans

AS476 - APOL1, sickle cell trait and chronic kidney disease in African Americans

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Investigator Names and Contact Information

Nora Franceschini []



Pilot study of African-specific Variants and chronic kidney disease

Aim 1: Leveraging the existing, but untapped biorepository resource of the largest population-based longitudinal data set of African Americans in the U.S., perform baseline serum creatinine measurements in 3,826 AA women from the Women's Health Initiative, to allow an unprecedented examination of the risk and progression of CKD and ESRD associated with APOL1 and SCT individually in African Americans, while accounting for traditional risk factors and the competing risk of early death.


Aim 2: Assess whether the effects of APOL1 and SCT variants on the risk of CKD in African Americans are modified by other known genetic risk factors for CKD using (a) trans-ethnic genome wide association study (GWAS) derived risk scores.; (b) novel genome-wide analytic approaches and local ancestry-based admixture mapping.


Results/ Findings

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