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AS439 - Nutrition and Physical Activity Interest Survey

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AS439 - Nutrition and Physical Activity Interest Survey

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Investigator Names and Contact Information

Marian Neuhouser []

​Lesley Tinker []

Specific Aims

This proposal is to investigate the interest and feasibility of conducting three separate but related pragmatic trials in WHI. Three trials are under consideration: (1) the WHISH (WHI Strong and Healthy) Trial (PI, Stefanick, AS360), (2) a vitamin D supplement clinical trial in response to NOT-AG-13-005 (PIs, TBD) and; (3) a nutrition intervention intended to help elderly WHI participants remain strong and healthy through good nutrition choices (PIs, Neuhouser and Tinker). Before we can plan and execute these studies we need to collect important interest and feasibility data. We have designed a survey that will assess interest in each of these trials as specified in this specific aim:

1.   To conduct a brief two page mailed survey of 600 WHI participants to determine the feasibility and interest in the following:

(i)      receiving future communications from WHI in the form of print materials or print materials plus telephone-based coaching messages with content about increasing physical activity.

(ii)     willingness to participate in a randomized trial of vitamin D supplements to prevent falls and improve gait.

(iii)    receiving future communication from WHI in the form of telephone calls, print materials, text messages or web videos about nutrition.

The survey will also inquire about (1) current walking habits, such as length of time participant can walk without resting, use of canes or walkers and ease of rising from a chair; and (2) current use of vitamin D supplements.