AS311 - DNA Methylation Measured in Prospectively Collected Blood Samples and Risk of Bladder Cancer Among Post-menopausal Women

Investigator Names and Contact Information

Parveen Bhatti []

Specific Aims

Primary aim:

1. To identify specific loci of DNA methylation (CpG loci), in pre-diagnostic specimens, whose methylation profiles are associated with risk of PTCC BC. Risk factors for BC will be controlled for in these analyses.

Secondary aims:

1. To evaluate if known and suspected bladder cancer risk factors, including smoking, air pollution, reproductive factors, dietary factors and germline genetic variants identified through genome-wide association studies act through an effect on DNA methylation. We will focus on the potential mediating effects of the CpG loci identified through our primary aim, but for the analysis of germline genetic variants we will also examine CpG loci that are proximal to these variants.


2. To construct BC prediction models with loci-specific methylation variables identified in the primary aim and to add known BC risk factors, including previously identified germline genetic variants.