AS126 - Hormones and Biomarkers Predicting Stroke in Women

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Investigator Names and Contact Information

Sylvia Smoller, Ph.D., Albert Einstein Medical School


The goal of this research is to determine whether blood-based biomarkers and polymorphisms in candidate genes can be used to characterize individuals at high risk for future stroke.  The study will use a population based nested case-control of 1100 stroke cases and 1100 controls to investigate the associations of selected biomarkers, genetic factors, and lifestyle variables, with risk of stroke among participants in the Observational Study component of WHI. 

The molecular and genetic markers to be examined in this study are hypothesized to participant in the etiology of stroke through the pathways of inflammation and thromboisis/atherocsclerosis/hemostasis. 

  • Aim 1:  Determine whether genetic factors and serologic markers related to inflammation are associated with increased risk of stroke in postmenopausal women. 

  • Aim 2:  Compare incident cases of stroke with controls with regard to baseline measures of markers of blood coagulation and fibrinolysis, lipid and glucose metabolism, antioxidants and other blood analytes.  Compare allelic frequencies within race group of candidate genes involved in thrombosis/atherosclerosis. 

  • Aim 3:  determine the effects of use of exogenous estrogen on risk of stroke and on markers of inflammation and thromboisis/atherocsclerosis/hemostasis.

  • Aim 4:  Determine whether allelic variations in candidate genes involved in hypertension are associated with risk of stroke.

  • Aim 5:  Determine whether the effects on stroke risk of established risk factors and use of specific medications, will be modified in the presence of markers of inflammation and/or thromboisis/atherocsclerosis/hemostasis.


Some of the publications related to this ancillary study are:

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