​Specimen Results 

These links provide information about the blood and urine lab results currently available to investigators who are approved to access the WHI datasets:

  • Specimen Results "Read Me" Documentation - This file describes the specimen assay result data, how to use those data, and how to use/interpret the Specimen Results Descriptions - complete with examples and Q&A.

  • Specimen Results Descriptions - Descriptive information on specimen assays from Core, BAA, and Ancillary studies. New assays will be added annually as they become eligible. By selecting a specific test in the left column, you can obtain details such as the specimen type, lab, QA results and number of versions; clicking a specific version will provide the assay method. 

  • Standardization of assays from multiple labs for a given analyte - This document describes a method that uses linear regression to account for gross systematic differences in location (e.g., mean) and/or scale (e.g., standard deviation) of measurements between labs.

  • Calculation of glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) – for standardization, we recommend using the method described here.

Data Dictionaries

Clinic CBC ResultsCT+OSSpecimen DrawBaseline, MainPDF
Core Analyte ResultsCT+OSSpecimen DrawBaseline, MainPDF
DbGap AvailabilityCT+OSParticipantBaseline, Main, Ext1, Ext2PDF
Specimen Assay ResultsCT+OSSpecimen ResultBaseline, Main, Ext1, Ext2PDF
Specimen AssaysN/ASpecimen TestBaseline, Main, Ext1, Ext2PDF
Specimen DrawsCT+OSSpecimen DrawBaseline, Main, Ext1, Ext2PDF
Study Case-Control TypesCT+OSCase/Control typeBaseline, Main, Ext1, Ext2PDF
*Note: the Specimen Draws data file only includes draw information for the assay results included in the Specimen Assay Results data file. For urine assay results, ‘draw information’ is for urine samples brought to the clinic (or given at the clinic visit if not bringing from home). This file cannot be used to determine general sample availability. Most estimates of sample availability can be calculated by using the Query Builder.


Key Tests


Source​ Population Tests
Clinic Tests​ (results in Clinic CBC Results file; these results are also included in the Specimen Assay Results file^)
  • All enrolled CT and OS participants at baseline^
  • OS participants at Year 3
  • Hemoglobin
  • Hematocrit
  • White Blood Cell Count
  • Platelet Count
Core WHI Study Analytes (results in the Core Analyte Results file, these results are also included in the Specimen Assay Results file)
  • 6% CT Subsample* tested longitudinally at Baseline, Year 1, Year 3, and Year 6 (W1)
  • 1% OS Measurement and Precision Study* tested longitudinally at Baseline and 3-months (W2)
CVD Biomarkers tested at the University of Minnesota (results in Specimen Assay Results file)
  • A subset of approximately 25,000 participants have CVD biomarkers measured at WHI baseline in the same lab with consistent methods. See the description of included participants here.

^The baseline CBC results are the only test results available for the entire WHI population. In the Specimen Assay Results file, the clinic CBCs are labelled as W1 results.
*A description of the CT Subsample and the OS Measurement and Precision Study populations may be found here.

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