Medical and Physical Measurements

​​Form 301 Supplemental Documentation:

BMD summary: Bone Density measurements were collected on a subsample of 11,020 participants at three clinical sites (see the subsample definitions on the previous WHI Data on this site).  See the 2005 progress report for a summary of bone mineral density analysis, including percent change from baseline; see page 2-6 for HT table, page 3-13 for DM, page 4-3 for CaD, and page 5-2 for OS. For the standardized procedures for performing the measurements, see Vol. 6 – DXA Quality Assurance of the WHI (1993-2005) manuals under the Documentation tab.  

Data Dictionaries

Form 80 - Physical MeasurementsCT+OSFormBaseline, MainPDF
Form 81 - Pelvic ExamHTFormBaseline, MainPDF
Form 82 - Endometrial AspirationHT E+PFormBaseline, MainPDF
Form 83 - Transvaginal Uterine UltrasoundHTFormBaseline, MainPDF
Form 84 - Clinical Breast ExamCTFormBaseline, MainPDF
Form 85 - Mammogram (WHI Main Study and Extension)CTFormBaseline, Main, Ext1PDF
Form 90 - Functional StatusCT SubsetFormBaseline, MainPDF
Form 92 - Pap SmearHTFormBaseline, MainPDF
BMD Hip Scan (CT+OS)CT+OSBone ScanBaseline, MainBmdPDF
BMD Spine Scan (CT+OS)CT+OSBone ScanBaseline, MainBmdPDF
BMD Whole Body Scan (CT+OS)CT+OSBone ScanBaseline, MainBmdPDF
ECG - Baseline and Follow-UpCTEcgBaseline, MainECGPDF
ECG - MI Novacode Serial ComparisonCTEcgMainECGPDF
Form 301 - WHI Long Life Study VisitsWHI-LLSParticipantWHI-LLSPDF