Medical History

Supplemental Documentation

  • Age at Menopause Algorithm (MENO variable, Form 31) - explanation of how "age at menopause" variable is derived for study participants.

Data Dictionaries

Risk ScoresCT+OSParticipantBaselinePDF
Form 30 - Medical HistoryCT+OSParticipantBaselinePDF
Form 31 - Reproductive HistoryCT+OSParticipantBaselinePDF
Form 32 - Family HistoryCT+OSParticipantBaselinePDF
Form 33 - Medical History Update (WHI Main Study and Extension)CT+OSFormMain, Ext1, Ext2PDF
Form 40 - Addendum to Medical History Update (Family DVT+PE)CT+OSParticipantMainPDF
Form 134 - Addendum to Medical History UpdateCT+OSParticipantExt1PDF