Demographics, Study Status, Eligibility and Adherence


The baseline data dictionaries contain more than 250 computed variables. 

In 2003-2004, an additional question (Form 41) was administered to all OS and CT participants, asking race/ethnicity questions modeled after the year 2000 US Census Bureau categories. See a comparison of this race/ethnicity to the baseline race/ethnicity questions (on Form 2) asked of all OS and CT participants in the Aug-2004 Semi-Annual Progress Report, pages 7-1 to 7-4.

Data Dictionaries


Demographics and Study Membership (CT+OS)CT+OSParticipantBaseline, MainPDF
WHI Extension MembershipCT+OSParticipantExt1, Ext2PDF
Participant Follow-Up Status History (WHI Main Study and Extension)CT+OSStatus changeMain, Ext1,Ext2PDF
CaD Medication AdherenceCaDParticipant VisitMainAdherencePDF
HRT Medication AdherenceHTParticipant VisitBaseline, MainAdherencePDF
Form 54 - Change of MedicationsCTFormMainAdherencePDF
Form 2 - Eligibility ScreeningCT+OSParticipantBaselinePDF
Form 20 - Personal InformationCT+OSParticipantBaselinePDF
Form 4 - HRT WashoutHTParticipantBaselinePDF
Form 41 - Addendum to Personal Information (Race)CT+OSParticipantMainPDF
Form 42 - OS QuestionnaireOSParticipantBaselinePDF
HRT and CaD Unblindings Prior to Study ClosureCTUnblindingMainPDF
Form 10 & 50 - HRT Management and Safety Interview, Report of Vaginal BleedingHTFormMainPDF
Form 17 - CaD Management and Safety InterviewCaDFormMainPDF
Form 41 - Imputed Race and EthnicityCT+OSParticipantMain