​Data Collections Forms for WHI Investigator Datasets 

This table lists the WHI forms and their descriptions corresponding to the released data. Each form name in the first column links to a pdf version of the form. For a complete list of all forms, please see WHI Forms page, which includes forms by study phase and form instructions in both English and Spanish. 

Study Phase
F002 v3Eligibility ScreenWHIForm English
F004 v1Hormone WashoutWHIForm English
F010 v7.2HRT Management and Safety InterviewWHIForm English
F017 v5CaD Management and Safety InterviewWHIForm English
F020 v4Personal InformationWHIForm English
F030 v3Medical HistoryWHIForm English
F031 v2.1Reproductive HistoryWHIForm English
F032 v3Family HistoryWHIForm English
F033 v13.2Medical History UpdateES2Form English
F033 v5.3Medical History UpdateWHIForm English
F033 v8.1Medical History UpdateES1Form English
F033D v10Medical History Update (Detail)ES1Form English
F033D v4Medical History Update (Detail)WHIForm English
F034 v2Personal HabitsWHIForm English
F035 v1.2Personal Habits UpdateWHIForm English
F037 v6Thoughts and FeelingsWHIForm English
F038 v6.2Daily LifeWHIForm English
F039 v2Cognitive AssessmentWHIForm English
F040 v1Addendum to Medical History UpdateWHIForm English
F041 v1.1Addendum to Personal InformationWHIForm English
F042 v1.1Observational Study (Baseline)WHIForm English
F043 v2Hormone UseWHIForm English
F044 v4Current MedicationsWHIForm English
F045 v2Current SupplementsWHIForm English
F048 v2.1OS Follow-up QuestionnaireWHIForm English
F050 v2On-Study BleedingWHIForm English
F054 v3Change of (Study) MedicationsWHIForm English
F060 v1.6FFQWHIForm English
F080 v2.1Physical MeasurementsWHIForm English
F081 v6.1Pelvic ExamWHIForm English
F082 v2Endometrial AspirationWHIForm English
F083 v2Transvaginal Uterine UltrasoundWHIForm English
F084 v4Clinical Breast ExamWHIForm English
F085 v8MammogramES1Form English
F090 v1Functional StatusWHIForm English
F092 v2Pap SmearWHIForm English
F120 v4Initial Notification of DeathWHIForm English
F120 v8.1Initial Notification of DeathES1Form English
F120 v9Initial Notification of DeathES2Form English
F121 v6.2Report of Cardiovascular OutcomeWHIAdjudication
F121 v8.1Report of Cardiovascular OutcomeES1Adjudication
F122 v4.1Report of Cancer (Initial)WHIAdjudication
F123 v4Report of Fracture OutcomeWHIAdjudication
F123 v8.2Report of Fracture OutcomeES2Adjudication
F124 v10Report of Death (Final)ES2Form English
F124 v4Report of Death (Final)WHIAdjudication
F124 v8.1Report of Death (Final)ES1Adjudication
F126 v4.1Report of VTEWHIAdjudication
F126 v8.2Report of VTEES2Adjudication
F130 v3Report of CancerWHIAdjudication
F130 v8.2Report of CancerES1Adjudication
F130 v9Report of CancerES2Adjudication
F131 v1Report of HysterectomyWHIAdjudication
F131 v8Report of HysterectomyES1Adjudication
F132 v2Report of StrokeWHIAdjudication
F132 v9.1Report of StrokeES2Adjudication
F134 v8.1Addendum to Medical HistoryES1Form English
F135 vAHeart Failure DiagnosisES2Adjudication
F136 vAHeart Failure AbstractionES2Adjudication
F143 v3.1OS Follow-up Year 3WHIForm English
F144 v1.1OS Follow-up Year 4WHIForm English
F145 v1OS Follow-up Year 5WHIForm English
F146 v1OS Follow-up Year 6WHIForm English
F147 v1.1OS Follow-up Year 7WHIForm English
F148 v1OS Follow-up Year 8WHIForm English
F149 v1Supplement to OS Follow-up QxWHIForm English
F150 v9Hormone Use UpdateES1Form English
F151 v9.2Activities of Daily LifeES2Form English
F153 v1Medication and Supplement InventoryES1, ES2Form English
F154 v1Breast Health Supplement to Med. InventoryES1Form English
F155 v1Lifestyle QuestionnaireES2Form English
F156 v1.1Supplemental Questionnaire 2013-14ES2Form English
F157 v1Supplemental Questionnaire 2014-15ES2Form English
F158 v1Supplemental Questionnaire 2017ES2Form English
F301 v3WHI Long Life Study Home VisitES2Form English