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The datasets on this site are commonly referred to as the "Investigator Datasets".  Updated datasets are published to this website periodically from snapshots of the WHI database.
Most often, updates are published annually.
WHI data is made available to Investigators through various outlets:

Current Publish Information

September 2019 Investigator Datasets Released

  • A new release of the WHI investigator datasets was published September 30, 2019. Data in this release include all outcomes and Extension Study follow-up datasets updated through March 1, 2019.

 See WHI Data Preparation and Use for details on what has changed.

Accessing the Data

Access to the investigator datasets is available to researchers who meet at least one of the following criteria:

Request Access:     Please complete the WHI Data Use Agreement
Download:              If you already have access, sign in using the "Sign In" link at the top of the web page and then choose "Download" from the menu on the left .
Get Help:                Please contact the WHI Helpdesk (helpdesk@whi.org)

Schedule of Dataset Updates (subject to change)

Date of Update Data Items Included*
September 2019 (current)

March 2019 Outcomes
Form 151 - Activities of Daily Life
Specimen Test Results

September 2020

March 2020 Outcomes
Form 151 - Activities of Daily Life
Specimen Test Results
Other TBD

* Data items included are subject to decisions made close to the release date.


WHI investigators with approved manuscript or ancillary study proposals may access selected confidential data, such as Medicare data or geocode data, using the WHI VDE. See more information and the application process on the VDE page.


A subset of the WHI Clinical Trial a​nd Observational Study data is available through BioLINCC. You do not need a WHI collaborator to access these datasets.


A subset of the WHI phenotype data is available for participants with genetic data deposited in the dbGaP repository.  We can provide limited help with questions related to the data on dbGaP. Please refer to the dbGap website for detailed information on the WHI datasets that are currently available, instructions on how to access and download data, searchable FAQs, and dbGaP contact information. You do not need a WHI collaborator to access these datasets. ​ 


Please see the TOPMed (AS 564) study page for information about how to propose an ancillary study or a paper using TOPMed data or becoming involved in TOPMed. ​


WHI Data Sharing Statement

WHI data sharing statement for clinical trials (if applicable)