​​​​Using the Test Results by Specimen Type Report

Use this report to find out how many participants in your query have biospecimen test results.

Results by specimen Report.png

1. Query description: The number of participants that fall within the listed criteria. The report is generated on these participants.

2. Test: This is a listing of the lab tests by assigned name. Go to the WHI test listing for a current listing of assays done on WHI biospecimens and the ​ancillary studies they were measured in. ​New assays will be added on a semi-annual basis as they become available to share.  Access to the test result data is restricted to approved investigators.   

3. Description: The test description is the same as the one found in the WHI test listing.

4. Specimen: The type of biospecimen that the test result was generated from (serum, EDTA, etc). If a test has results using multiple specimen types, they will be listed in separate rows. Please keep this in mind when sorting the list.

5. Ppts: The total number of participants (Ppts) within your query that have the listed test result at any time point.

6. % of ppts: The percentage of participants (ppts) in your query that have the listed test result at any time point.​

7. Time point of biospecimen collection: The number of assays results by specimen collection time point​ (baseline, AV1, AV3, AV6, Long Life Study [LLS], or other).  

8. Download: Click here to download the data to a .csv file.

For more information on how samples were collected and processed, please see the following: 

If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please contact the WHI help desk.