​Using the non-DNA/RNA Specimen Availability Page

 This query feature will allow you to limit your query to participants that have blood and urine biospecimen available for your proposed lab assays.  If you are looking for DNA/RNA availability, please see the DNA/RNA criteria.

 Specimen volume.png
1. Specimen Type: Select the type of​ specimen you wish to use.
specimen type list.png 
  • Serum SST = serum collected from a separator tube. Only collected during​ the Long Life Study (LLS) visit.
  • EDTA PST = plasma collected from an EDTA separator tube. Only collected during the LLS visit.
  • If you require participants to have sample from multiple specimen types, you will have to create a separate query criteria for each of them.
2. Specimen Collection Visit: Select the time point(s) the specimen was collected.
  • The query will not allow you to select specimen type and collection visit combinations that do not exist. For example, urine was not collected in the LLS, so when the urine specimen type is selected you are not able to check the Long Life Study visit box.
3. Volume: Select the minimum volume required for your assays.
  • Please click [here] to see the limits on biological samples available for ancillary studies. 
4. Negate: Press this button if you want to make the criteria you have selected NOT true. The Negate button is available on all ​criteria screens. To undo, simply click the "Undo Negation" button.

For more information on how samples were collected and processed, please see the following: 
If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please contact the WHI help desk.