​​​Using the Self Reported Outcomes Report

Use this report to find out how many participants in your query have self reported outcomes.

All WHI clinical outcomes were identified by self-report on the routine Form 33 - Medical History Update administered semi-annually to Clinical Trial (CT) participants and annually to Observational Study (OS) participants. Those participants who reported a potential WHI-defined outcome were then contacted by mail or phone and a Form 33D – Medical History Update (Detail) was completed to obtain more specific information on newly diagnosed health conditions or recent procedures.

Investigation of potential WHI clinical outcomes depended on the type of outcome, the participant’s study component, and whether or not the outcome was a first versus a recurrent event. A documentation set was defined for each type of WHI clinical outcome, and these medical records were used for adjudication.


For more information on WHI outcomes, please see the About WHI - Outcomes page.​​

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1. Query description: The number of participants that fall within the listed criteria. The report is generated on these participants.

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3. Outcome: Self reported outcomes (Form 33).  

4. Description: Additional description of the outcome.

5. SAS Name: Outcomes are listed by variable ID (the variable name in the investigator's dataset - see the Outcomes Data Dictionaries).

6. Usage Notes: Additional information regarding the outcome and the timing of collection.

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8. Total: The total number of participants within your query that have the listed outcome.​

9. % of ppts: The percentage of participants (ppts) in your query that have the listed outcome​.​

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