​Using the Member ID Upload Page


member ID.png

1. If you have a list of participant common IDs, save them in a .csv file (one ID per row).  Press the "Choose" button and select your ID file to upload.

2.  Negate: Press this button if you want to make the criteria you have selected NOT true. The Negate button is available on all ​criteria screens. To undo, simply click the "Undo Negation" button.

If the file is successfully uploaded, you will see a message at the bottom of the screen that says "in user uploaded list of XXX ppt ids." For example, this is the screen you would see if you successfully uploaded a file containing 3 IDs:

 member ID example 1.png

If the file is in the incorrect format, you will recieve an error message that looks like this:

member ID example 2.png 

If there are invalid IDs in your .csv file, the file can be uploaded without throwing an error, but the query will only yield search results for the valid IDs.​


If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please contact the WHI help desk.