​Using the Genotype Data Available at dbGaP page 

genotype data (2).png

1. Select participants who have Imputed GWAS*, metabochip, exome sequencing, or any combination of the above in the WHI dataset at dbGaP. Click [here] for a current list of studies that are included in the WHI dataset at dbGaP (and their descriptions).

*Note that if you are selecting "Imputed GWAS", you are selecting participants that were included in the WHI Harmonized and Imputed GWAS, which contains participants from BA3, M5, M13, W63, AS224, and AS264. This is not a comprehensive list of WHI participants with GWAS data. Some were included in other GWAS core, BAA, or ancillary studies that were not harmonized/imputed or submitted to dbGaP.

2.  Negate: Press this button if you want to make the criteria you have selected NOT true. The Negate button is available on all ​criteria screens. To undo, simply click the "Undo Negation" button.


If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please contact the WHI help desk.