​​​​​​Frequently asked questions

How do I get an account?

The Query Builder is available to anyone. Please click here to create an account. If you have questions, email the WHI help desk at helpdesk@whi.org.

How do I get to the query builder?

The link for the query builder is https://www.whi.org/qb 

I forgot my Username and/or Password

Please visit the login page and click "forgot password" to have your password reset.


How current is the data on this system?​

In general the data in the query builder comes from the same source as the data found in the WHI data section of whi.org.  Specimen volume data is refreshed on a weekly basis.


How do I find participants who are in study A and are also in study B? or Can I use the same criteria more than once in a query?

When you pick more than one item in a "select many list" style criteria like the ancillary study criteria, it defaults to combining those selections using OR.​​ e.g. Participant is in Study A or B. To ask the question "How many participants are in Study A and are also in Study B?", simply add the ancillary study criteria twice, once for study A and once for study B.  ​

How do I combine criteria using "Either/Or" logic instead of ​"AND"s?

See How to merge two queries together or How to combine criteria using "OR"s rather than "AND"s