​Using the Edit Query Page

The edit query page lets you add and delete criteria and run reports on the participants found by your query.

Edit query.png 
  1. Queries List Link – These “breadcrumbs” are a way to navigate in the query​ builder. Click the word Queries to go back to the Query List Screen.​​

  2. Add Criteria - Clicking on this button brings up the criteria menu. Select an option from the menu and use the pop-up screen to build a criterion. When you click the save button, the query will automatically re-run. 

  3. Create OR subgroup - Clicking on this button will open a screen that lets you select criteria you want to combine using ORs rather than ANDs. See the Advanced Queries page for more details.

  4. Reports Menu – Clicking on this button brings up the reports menu. These reports run on the participants found by your query. There are several reports available which provide detail on outcomes, demographics, and test results.

  5. Query Run Results - Shows the number of WHI participants that meet the specified criteria in your query.

  6. Enable/Disable Criteria – Clicking this checkbox will disable the criterion. Clicking it again will re-enable the criterion. This is handy for seeing how many participants are being eliminated by the criterion.

  7. Criteria Description – Clicking on the description will bring up the edit criteria screen.

  8. It is important to note that all Query results are estimates. They should not be used for publication.

  9. Delete Criteria


 If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please contact the WHI help desk.