How to combine criteria using "OR​" (instead of AND)

In the query builder screen, select all the criteria you will be using and click the OR button.pngbutton (next to the Add Criteria button) to take you to the "Combine criteria using OR" screen.

Combine criteria.png 

In the Combine Criteria screen, all the criteria you have selected will be listed. Check the boxes of the criteria you would like to combine using OR. You may select as many as you like. Click "Save" to bring you back to the query builder page.

Combine criteria example 1.png 

 After you click "Save", it will bring you back to the query builder screen.

1. The query results will be updated based on the new OR criteria​.

2. You will notice that the selected criteria are now listed under "any of these criteria are true...".

Combine criteria example 2.png 

In order to remove the OR and go back to combining the criteria with AND, click the delete button (see below).​

Combine criteria example 3.png

Combine criteria example 4.png

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