​Using the Ancillary Study Summary Report

Use this report to find out how many participants in your query were included in ancillary studies.

Ancillary study participation Report.png

1. Query description: The number of participants that fall within the listed criteria. The report is generated on these participants.

2. Download: Click here to download the data to a .csv file.

3. Study: The number of the ancillary, BAA, or core study. For details about each study, please visit the WHI study pages

4. Name: The study title. 

5. If the report has multiple pages, click on the page number you wish to go to or use the arrows to scroll through pages.

6. Search: Type a key word into the search box to narrow your options.

7. Total: The total number of participants within your query that are in the listed study.​​

8. % of ppts: The percentage of participants (ppts) in your query that are in the listed study.

If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please contact the WHI help desk.