​ Using the Ancillary Study Participation Page

 This query feature is helpful if you are interested in proposing a new study using the same participants as an existing ancillary study.

Ancillary study participation.png

1. Id: Select the number of the ancillary, BAA, or core study for your participants of interest. For details about each study, please visit the WHI study pages. All participants (cases, controls, etc.) will be included. If you select two studies, the query will yield results for the participants that are in either study (or both).

2. Study: The study's short title.

3. Search: ​You can search for a specific study number or key words in the study title to narrow the options.

4. Negate: Press this button if you want to make the criteria you have selected NOT true. The Negate button is available on all ​criteria screens. To undo, simply click the "Undo Negation" button.


If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please contact the WHI help desk.