Using the Edit Age at Screening Page 


Age at screening.png 

1. Enter the age(s) that your age at screen query criterion is referencing.

2. Choose one of the above from the dropdown menu (equal to, not equal to, etc.).​

3. Negate: Press this button if you want to make the criteria you have selected NOT true. The Negate button is available on all ​criteria screens. To undo, simply click the "Undo Negation" button.


Age at screen is "Equal to one of": Enter ages, separated by commas. The query will yield the number of participants that match one of those ages at baseline enrollment screening. 

Example: If you want to know how many participants were either 65 or 79 at enrollment, type "65, 79" in the search box - see below.​

Age at screening - equal to one of.png ​​


If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please contact the WHI help desk.