Create a new query by Merging two queries together


Merging two queries allows you to answer questions like "How many participants are in both query A and query B?"  or "How many participants are in Query A but are not in Query B?".  

Note that the newly created query is not affected by any future changes to the original queries (A and B).


In the Query List screen​, click the Create a Query menu and select Merge Two Queries ​mergeQueryOption.png​​
​Fill out the Merge Dialog screen

  1. ​Select the appropriate Merge type (see below)
  2. Select the two queries you want to combine. 
  3. You can also modify the name of the new query.
Merge type: The two queries (A and B) can be combined with these 4 options
​​​​​In A​​ and in​ B
In A or in B​
​​​​​​In A but not in B​
​​​​​​​​​​In B but not in A



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