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​​​​Current and completed studies


A WHI Ancillary Study (AS) is a investigation that involves generation of new data not already in the WHI database. Examples include:

  • Abstraction of records previously collected by WHI but not yet coded (e.g., Four-Day Food Record, Medical Records)

  • Biospecimen assay results

  • Collection of new survey data or clinical data.

Some studies only generate new variables that are constructed from existing WHI data; such studies are not considered WHI ancillary studies.


Listings of all funded and completed studies, including BAAs and Core Studies

Listings of studies involving biospecimen use

  • Biospecimen analytes by outcome and study ID: a listing of analytes that have been approved and/or completed, with corresponding Study ID number and number of outcome cases/controls (data as of 12-26-13).  For example, by selecting the assay name 'GWAS' or 'SNPS' you can find the studies, types of cases, number of participants involved in the GWAS or SNPs studies.  Refer to the assay table notes for information about how to interpret information in the listings below.

  • WHI Study pages:  a list of all funded ancillary studies, including Core and BAA studies, with PI and study name, diseases studied, estimated number of participants, blood usage (if applicable), and publication numbers.   

    • The study ID on the list links to specific information for each study, such as summary of proposal, case-control selection, and other study documents (as available).

    • A complete list of WHI papers is available in the Bibliography of this website

  • Specimen results currently available to approved investigators from Ancillary and BAA studies are those from studies with funding end dates at least 12 months before the last data updated. Biomarker results from most Core studies are available in the investigators' dataset. For info on which specimen results are available to approved investigators, see page 2 of the Specimen Assay Result PDF file. 

Also see Key WHI Genetic and Biomarker Studies that describes the WHI Core Studies providing both GWAS and biomarker data on approximately 22,000 WHI participants as well as other large genetic studies (data as of March 2014).  

Listing of mailing to participants for Ancillary Studies 

For a listing of recent mailings to participants refer to the Summary of Mailings table.​

Detailed information on individual studies

For more details about individual AS, BAA, or Core studies, refer to the individual WHI Study pages. These individual pages provide study summaries and documents such as detailed selection criteria.      

Contact the WHI Help Desk at if you need assistance or have questions.