CaD pill bottlesCalcium/Vitamin D Trial

Overview - Participants in either the Dietary or Hormone Trials were eligible for recruitment into the Calcium/Vitamin D Trial one to two years after joining WHI.  A total of 36,282 CT participants were also randomized in the CaD.  Participants were randomized to one of two arms:

  • Calcium carbonate with 1000 mg of elemental calcium combined with vitamin D3 400 IU per day, taken in two divided doses daily (n=18,176)

  • Placebo, taken as one pill twice a day (n=18,106)

Findings - To learn more about some of the main findings from the Calcium/Vitamin D Study, see these summaries of scientific publications:

Additional Information:  Visit Questions and Answers about the WHI Calcium and Vitamin D (CaD) Trial for additional details about the study and its findings.