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Thank you letters from the NHLBI Director, WHI PIs and WHI pendants well received by participants

The WHI 20 year Celebratory thank you pendant mailing began to take shape in December 2014. Long-time WHI CCC employee, Claudia Smith, designed a pendant to commemorate the 20 years of contributions made by the WHI participants. An accompanying flyer was designed, in preparation for staff to staple 85,000 pendants to the flyer for mailing. The stapling process took staff - along with the help of a wonderful 90-year-old volunteer - 10 days to complete. Sue Mann and Lesley Tinker at the CCC wrote text for the full color, tri-folded ‘Upcoming Studies’ brochure that was then designed by the WHI Graphic Artist. Included with the pendant, flyer, and brochure was a letter from NHLBI Director Gary Gibbons expressing gratitude for the participation by women over the past 20 years. Nearly 85,000 letters were printed over a three-day period. Also included in the mailing was a letter of thanks written and signed by CCC PI Garnet Anderson, Steering Committee Chair Jean Wactawski-Wende, Southeast Regional Center PI Sally Shumaker, Midwest Regional Center PI Rebecca Jackson, and Western Regional Center PI Marcia Sterfanick. Led by Doris Nodtvedt, WHI staff assembled the packets and began mailing them to participants in early February. A true team effort to remind women how grateful we all are for the contributions they have made! The CCC has already received several responses, indicating that these expressions of appreciation were well-received.